My Perennial Kale is Flowering!


I am little surprised to find my perennial Cottagers’ kale flowering at the moment. It has done rather well in the 12 months or so since sticking a few cutting in the ground after the kind gardener at Knightshayes National Trust property let me have them following a tour of their walled kitchen garden. It is a cultivar called ‘Taunton Deane’, and I understood (incorrectly) that it didn’t flower. I will be watching keenly to see if I can gather some viable seed – I am deciding which of my annual kales to allow to flower for cross-pollination¬† (instead of snapping off the unopened flower-heads for the chooks’ compost scratch area – the annual kale flower-heads are human-edible too, but we have plenty of purple-sprouting coming through at the moment).

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